Much Better To Be Alive – Art by Kira

Kira Gosnell (Art By Kira) visual artist out of El Paso, Texas decided to gift us all an artistic rendition of the beautiful scene at 2:27 from Guillotine The Kasino Champ’s latest video release. “Much Better To Be Alive”  | With Audio Production by Billy Syn Shot by EKP Pictures. It is an honor to see our art inspire more art from creative minds that I respect. In this video I felt each scene was a sort of short movie of its own with its own story to tell. Kira Gosnell has captured the untold back story in the particular scene at 2:27. To Kira and all other artists out there, I commend and am impressed by the talent of translating images from my world into your art. Lets continue to dip into this creative pool that we all share and create!”  -Guillotine

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