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Kasim “Guillotine” Gary also known on stage as Guillotine The Kasino Champ, began his professional recording career at the young age of 16 with Emerge Records. Guillotine eventually went independent with his music creativity and began to develop and mature a unique style of dark storytelling. Through the inspiration of his father and brother, Guillotine used his history and knowledge of art and dark literature concepts to illustrate his music and breed a new form of horror.

 In 2012 Guillotine connected with the artist Ean K. Pegram of EKP Pictures and began a campaign of reimagining horror through audio and video. Pegrams eye for distinct video and Guillotine’s dark imagination came together to create a gallery of grotesque beauty. The duo began conceptualizing and producing a series of music videos that skew the line between horror and beauty with quality video production,  intense special effects, makeup, and music. Through his video work, Guillotine has developed and refined his acting skills and is a featured actor in a yet to be title feature film in 2015.





a0600546282_10Guillotine’s debut album “Its Better To Be Alive” presents intense subject matter and gives a vivid imagery to some of  lifes most horrific experiences and brings forward subject matter such as suicide, demonic possession, being buried alive, changing into a werewolf, cannibalism, and more. Each of these dark musical concepts have been captured in music video form and can be viewed at

 Along with a groundbreaking album and industry standard video productions, Guillotine has developed a dark carnival like stage performance, with a staged crowd participation human sacrifice, dark dancers, video projections, and smoke effects. Guillotine The Kasino Champ has opened for and performed with artists such as Necro, Hopsin, Stevie Stone, Opio of Souls of Mischief, King Magnetic, Planet Asia, Ces Cru, One Be Lo, Kutt Kalhoun, Freestyle Fellowship, Dirty Worms and 3-6 Mafia. Guillotine has performed at the Warp Tour, SXSW and various venues in the North Texas area. 

 Recently Guillotine has opened the door to his personal dark art collection to his friends and fans. Guillotine has presented a Dart Art Gallery called the Dark Art store where his personal paintings can be purchased along with pieces by fellow dark artist Ean K. Pegram. Kasim “Guillotine” Gary currently resides and works in Dallas area.

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